Signed to the excellent Scottish Fiction Records, Glaswegian four-piece, Wojtek The Bear, are set to release their debut album, A Talent For Being Unreasonable in May. This the first single taken from the album is titled - 'Made Out Of Maps.'
I was commissioned by the band in late 2016 to make this promo and they have also selected some images from my 'Multiples' series for album and single artwork the forthcoming releases. 

This track is lead singer, Tam Killean’s musing on being stuck in a dysfunctional relationship, an isolating process of repetition, both hanging onto a dream that things could get better, when you both really know it won’t. Musically, the fact the band cite American Football (the band not the sport) as an influence isn’t any great surprise, as they tap into a same vein of literate, intelligent emo-pop. They also nod to more classic Scottish indie references from Idlewild to Teenage Fanclub, as jangling guitars are cut through with impassioned vocals and powerful driving drum-beats.
The accompanying video is a sepia tinged affair, tapping into the song’s gentle nostalgia for the way things were. The band performing on a cactus adorned stage as people tackle board games and frames of pool barely offering the band even a cursory glance. Despite the self-deprecation of the album title, there’s a talent to Wojtek The Bear that stretches far beyond just being unreasonable.