A one night exhibition and performance showcasing the work of three artists who grew up in the Lanarkshire town of Bellshill.
Kris Boyle, John Farrell and Martin John Henry have each created separate bodies of work that use Bellshill as site and subject. Whilst they each live in different parts of the United Kingdom, a preoccupation with their hometown has brought them together for this exhibition. The personal, political and geographic significance of post-industrial Lanarkshire reveals itself in three distinctly individual approaches to the photographic image.
Kris Boyle, a Bellshill native who now lives and works out of Edinburgh, originated the exhibition. His ongoing project ‘Home is Here’ is a detailed exploration of the music and musicians who pioneered what John Peel described as the ‘Bellshill Beat’ and he has photographed members of bands like BMX Bandits and Teenage Fanclub among others. Boyle will be presenting a number of photographic portraits as well as a short film made in collaboration with fellow artist John Farrell, which has been made specifically for the exhibition.
John Farrell is an artist from Bellshill who now lives and works in Glasgow. He is a student of the Fine Art Photography department at Glasgow School of Art and is entering his final year of study. His work uses traditional photographic materials as well as found imagery, objects, text and video to explore both personal memory and social history. By addressing these ideas and by working within the landscape, both physically and conceptually, his work attempts to understand the post-industrial, historical and cultural legacy of his hometown in order to crucially answer what it means to be ‘from Lanarkshire.’  
Martin John Henry is a Scottish musician and photographer. He is best known as the front man of De Rosa, with whom he has released two albums on Glasgow’s Chemikal Underground label. Henry has explored the vernacular of suburban Lanarkshire through his songs, 'Hattonrigg Pit Disaster' and 'New Lanark'. A graduate of Glasgow School of Art's Fine Art Photography department, Henry's photographs explore the borderlands of Bellshill, describing peripheral spaces that are often neglected or in the various stages of development.
This one night exhibition at the Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, will feature performances by a number of Lanarkshire musicians including rare performances by Bellshill band Babygod and Sluts of Trust (Lanarkshire/Glasgow), as well as Memory Man (ex FO Machete, Snow Patrol, The Grim Northern Social and The Modern George), Kung Fu Jesus (Gargleblast Records newest signing).