I was commissioned in late 2017 by the smashing 'Wojtek the Bear' of Scottish Fiction records to use some of my 'Multiples' series for their two single sleeves and album artwork. 
Below is the first single 'Made out of Maps' taken from their debut album 'A Talent for being Unreasonable.' I have also made the promo video for the single which can be viewed in the film section of the site. 
The album will be out in April which will feature my photography on the cover of the vinyl record.
The lads will be touring the album all over the country very soon. x
Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 13.30.19 copy.jpg

I made a wee demo cover of a Daniel Johnston song called  'Go'.
It's very rough but fun interpretation. Recorded in a one take improv at the end of my bed. Excuse the grain. Ta x

New works in the works with Glasgow band 'Wojtek the Bear'. The band are releasing an album on a Scottish label early next year and have commissioned me to work in collaboration on all visual fronts. 
Lots to follow, thanks
wojtek-the-bear (1).jpg

I will be making a video and images at the Glasgow Zine Fest Fundraiser at 'The Hug and Pint" on Saturday the 4th of March 2017. Tickets are available from 'The Hug and Pint' website bit.ly/2kQSfzy
Live performances from Martin John Henry (De Rosa) and L Space.

I have had the pleasure of working with Glasgow based band 'The State Broadcasters' for Olive Grove Records since the turn of the year. This work has been for the forthcoming single off their new album 'A Different Past'.
The video is being premiered by The Skinny:
The video is also viewable in the film section.

In 2016 De Rosa celebrated the tenth anniverary of the release of debut album 'Mend' with a one off performance of the album at CCA, Glasgow. The performance was accompanied by this film, directed by video artist and photographer Kris Boyle. The film was originally designed for projection and can be viewed online here for the first time.
Below are some stills from the film, the entire film can be viewed in the film section.





De Rosa - 10 Years of 'Mend'.
De Rosa - 10 Years of 'Mend'.
Short trailer to promote 10 Years of 'Mend' - De Rosa's debut LP played in full for the 1st time. @CCA Glasgow 17 Dec 2016.
Trailer can be viewed in the 'Film' section. 

Peripheral Vision, EP3 - Martin John Henry, Ship in the Sand (Sophia cover).
Available to view in the film section now.

More 'Universal Thee' video happenings shortly portly.
Get their album inhaled! It's a shape shifter!

Peripheral Vision EP2 & EP3 are nearly done if anybody cares!
EP4 & EP5 start in one week with some more of Scotland's musical finest!
Have a swatch if it takes your fancy at www.krisboyle.co.uk
Otherwise have one of those Saturdays when you find yourself in an episode of Quantum Leap!
Those are my favourite Saturdays.

The first episode of 'Peripheral Vision' is finished and viewable in the film section. A huge thank you to Martin John Henry. 
'Hattonrigg Pit Disaster' is taken from De Rosa's first record 'Mend'. 

I will be photographing the smashing 'Universal Thee' this evening at Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh.
They have a brilliant new album out 'All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace'. 
Also looking forward to working on a new video for their single 'Keep Falling' with thee one and only Albie Albatross Clark.